Stand Up Paddleboarding

Private SUP

by reservation only

(quality paddleboards, and all other equipment provided)

2 person (minimum)

3-5 people

6-10 people

Quickstart your SUP

2-hour session:

$50 per person

$40 per person

$40 per person

Introduction to SUP

4-hour (½ day) session:

$75 per person



Introduction to SUP

6-8 hour (full-day) session:




Like anything else, with stand-up paddling there is a learning curve.  A trained and certified instructor is the best person to introduce new paddlers to the sport, because the steepness of that curve can be dramatically reduced, thereby maximizing your enjoyment as you learn what you need to know much more quickly and efficiently than you could by time and error alone.

A certified instructor will meet you at Lake Hope, or other pre-determined paddling destination, with an assortment of paddleboards, paddles, lifejackets, and related equipment suitable for your particular group.  

Your instruction will include: choosing an appropriate board, paddle and related paddling and safety equipment, issues related to paddling on the particular body of water that you are paddling, how to: properly lift and carry your board, launch and land your board, stop your board, turn your board, paddle your board in a straight line, and how to dismount, (and fall off of,) your board, and get back on it.  

You’ll have ample time to practice each of these skills, but once you have demonstrated being able to carry, launch and land, stop, dismount, fall off of, and remount your board, you’re welcome to go off and explore on your own so long as you demonstrate that your skills are suitable for the the body of water, and the conditions that day.  For most people that will be a minimum of 30-45 minutes, and we’re happy to spend more time with you if you’d like to learn more!

This is a great opportunity to try out different sizes, styles, and manufacturers of boards if you are considering purchasing one of your own, or to simply get out and enjoy a fun and challenging activity with family and friends.