Rock Climbing

Available as a 3 Hour Standard Trip, or as a Privately Guided Half or Full Day Adventure.

Your trip begins when you meet your guide in the Hocking State Forest parking area on Big Pine Road.  Your guide will meet you at your scheduled time, and introduce you and your party to the equipment that you will be using, fitting you with climbing harness, helmet, and climbing shoes.  Once you have been introduced to these important pieces of equipment and their proper use, and have discussed relevant safety concerns with your guide, you will begin the hike in to the cliff.

The hike to the cliffs is not long, but the trails are rugged and the slopes are steep, so proper footwear, and reasonably good physical condition are important.  Your guide will orient you to proper cliff safety, demonstrate proper climbing technique, and set up your climbs at a site chosen specifically for your group.

Climbers will learn to tie in to the rope, to belay (catch and lower falling climbers safely to the ground), and the other basics of rock climbing needed to participate in this exciting sport! Those who wish to learn more than the basics, or who already have some experience may wish to inquire about our Gym to Crag course.

We use our experience and knowledge of the area to best help our clients meet their climbing goals and have fun.  This begins with the selection of our first climbs.  Ideally we'll start on relatively easy climbs, so that everyone in the group is likely to achieve some success, to learn some climbing technique and of course to have fun and enjoy some climbing camaraderie!  Once you begin to feel more comfortable in vertical terrain, you may wish to advance to more challenging climbs, or satisfied with your efforts, you may be ready to head back to your hot tub or on to a delicious dinner where you'll reflect on your adventure and plan your next one!
Privately Guided Rock Climbing Adventure for 1-3 Participants