Available as a 3 Hour Standard Trip, or as a Privately Guided Half or Full Day Adventure.
Rappelling came around because climbers needed to get down from the top of steep climbs.  Some folks just like to do it for the sheer thrill, however, and the Hocking Hills is a beautiful place to experience this minimalist thrill ride down a natural cliff face.  The mental and emotional challenge of facing your fears when every ounce of self-preservation within you screams at you to stop now and head back to the hot tub, coupled with the physical exertion of hiking and scrambling back to the cliff top for another ride will tire even the most energetic adventurer.  Like all of our adventures, how far you wish to push yourself is up to you!  

If you are staying in one of the many vacation cabins in the area, you’ll find your relaxing evening that much more rewarding after the physical and mental challenges that you’ve overcome, and the memories will last a lifetime!

Once you begin to feel more comfortable in vertical terrain, your group may advance to more challenging rappels, building up to the highest cliffs that the area has to offer if you wish, and if you are brave enough.